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GM Reveals Brightdrop EV600 Design Process

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GM Design recently revealed what went into designing the all-new EV600 electric cargo van. "This week we are showcasing our new entry into electric delivery solutions with the Brightdrop brand.

The selected design direction was built in blender to quickly visualize the shape and proportion. Front end graphic refinement continued to define the horizontal light signature and lower fascia.⁠"
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle "Brightdrop EV600 – Full Size Exterior Model – We Built a full size model from clay and foam to judge the exterior theme, proportion and graphic breakup⁠

Clay Sculptors apply painted film over the clay to provide the appearance of finished hard surfaces.⁠

There was just enough room in the Design Studio to work on and evaluate the roomy van but ladders were often employed.⁠"
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire "Brightdrop EV600 Interior Features – Optimized for Efficient Delivery

Early interior work focused on the most efficient layout and functional needs of the driver. Innovative approaches for storage bins and ergonomics inspired the engineering architecture.⁠"
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Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Naval architecture Mode of transport "Brightdrop EV600 – ⁠

Translating the styling theme over early criteria, incorporating human factors and usability needs, with an effort to improve the overall driver experience.⁠

A large storage bin on the passenger side allows for package staging. Driver’s side bins are optimized for personal items.⁠"
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts "Brightdrop EV600 – A Virtual Reality Simulator was used to envision the driver compartment while the design was taking shape.⁠

VR headset inside a foam and wood model “seating buck”– We could sit the drivers seat with goggles on to see all the design details while being able to feel all the controls.⁠

This process allowed us to work together to make key decisions on how to optimize the van for delivery use.⁠"
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