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BrightDrop has delivered 150 delivery vans to FedEx. It's the first sizeable delivery BrightDrop has made after initially delivering 5 vans to FedEx in December.

General Motors' electric delivery van subsidiary, BrightDrop, has delivered 150 vans to FedEx, the companies announced Tuesday. This comes after five of the vans were delivered to FedEx last December and it marks BrightDrop's first sizable delivery of vans.

FedEx (FDX) and GM (GM) had previously announced deals for the package delivery company to purchase 2,500 of BrightDrop's electric vans with negotiations for another 20,000 vans pending.

Walmart (WMT) had also previously announced a deal to purchase the vans.

Electric delivery vans have become a major arena of competition for both established and start-up automakers. That's with the exception of Tesla (TSLA) which doesn't have any vans in production and hasn't announced plans for any. Tesla announced plans for electric semi trucks in November 2017, a very different sort of vehicle, but those have yet to reach the market.

Meanwhile, automakers like GM, Ford (F) and Stellantis, which makes Ram and Fiat vans, as well as the Amazon-backed start-up Rivian, have all started producing, or announced plans to produce, electric delivery vans.
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