Testing of the electrically-assisted delivery palette on BrightDrop EP1 delivery vans has started.
"According to a new report from CNBC, the American logistics company will begin testing the BrightDrop EP1 on its mainstay Express routes in ten different American and Canadian cities this year. Russ Musgrove, the managing director for Global Vehicles at FedEx Express, told CNBC the electrically-assisted delivery pallets will help address a lack of parking spaces for delivery trucks and vans in major cities like New York and Toronto, enabling drivers to park further away from delivery locations even if they are hauling a fairly heavy pallet of packages.

“You’re serving skyscrapers and very dense areas. What this allows us to do is cut down on the number of vehicles required to service that route, and have the courier operate in a more efficient manner so they are not going back and forth to a truck,” Musgrove explained.

FedEx couriers equipped with EP1 pallets deliver 15 percent more packages a day than those who are using traditional manual pallets and delivery methods, the company says. Going forward, the company hopes to bring a truck load of the EP1 pallets filled with packages to a busy metropolitan area and bring couriers to the area in smaller, easier-to-park vans. The couriers could then work out of the other delivery van, using the EP1 pallets to deliver goods throughout the area. It believes this practice would be 25 percent more efficient than its current delivery methods."