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BrightDrop Says 16 Percent Of Fleets Have Started Switching From ICE To EV

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This is pretty interesting, according to BrightDrop 16% of companies have placed orders for EV fleet vehicles. While another 37% have started looking into switching to EVs.

According to BrightDrop, nearly 16 percent of companies have placed orders for EV fleet vehicles, while another 37 percent of companies have begun the search. In addition, the General Motors subsidiary claims that 63 percent of companies are making investments to develop sustainability and emissions efforts, while 42 percent are looking to be leaders in this initiative.

In other BrightDrop news, the first 500 units of the BrightDrop Zevo 600 began shipping from the GM CAMI Assembly plant in Canada back in April 2023. This comes as production of the Zevo 600 officially kicked off in December 2022, while BrightDrop has a goal of manufacturing 50,000 Zevo 600 and Zevo 400 units yearly by 2025.
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