BrightDrop CEO Travis Katz says demand is high for its delivery vans.
"General Motors launched the BrightDrop ecosystem of electric delivery products early last year at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, pulling the sheets on a new battery-driven delivery van and a new electrically assisted pallet. Since then, BrightDrop has accelerated its product development and raced towards full-blown production, and now, according to BrightDrop CEO Travis Katz, the company is poised to meet “incredibly” high demand for its new all-electric delivery vans.

According to a recent report from Automotive News Canada, BrightDrop is already finding a wealth of customers ready to put the new EVs to work.

“The customers can’t wait to get these on there because not only does it help them meet their climate commitments … but it’s going to save them a ton of money because the operating costs are so much lower, especially with what’s happening today with gas prices,” Katz told Automotive News."