BrightDrop vehicles will be getting AI-powered fleet optimization software.
BrightDrop has announced it will integrate an AI-powered fleet optimization software developed by a California-based startup called Marain Inc. into its existing fleet management platform.

The GM-owned logistics company says it will integrate Marain’s AI-based fleet optimization software into its fleet management platform to “analyze, forecast and identify multi-modal solutions for fleet customers as they plan their journey to full-fleet electrification.”

“Combining advanced AI and machine learning technologies with data analytics and powerful simulation tooling allows Marain’s fleet optimization software acquired by BrightDrop to model various complex environments and deliver better performance for customers,” the company said in a statement. “BrightDrop will integrate this technology into its software solution to model the efficiency gains that can be captured as customers adopt new technologies like the BrightDrop Zevo and BrightDrop Trace products for these multi-segment delivery and logistics scenarios.”

Marain is a software startup that was founded by University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University alumni with expertise in the transportation, autonomy and energy systems sectors. GM says Marain employees will join BrightDrop, including company cofounders Scott and Colin Sheppard, to lead the integration of its software into BrightDrop’s existing fleet management software.

Rachad Youssef, chief product officer, BrightDrop, said the Marain software platform “leverages data and simulation to demonstrate how new technologies,” like battery-electric fleet vehicles can like the Zevo 400 and Zevo 600 vans, as well as the Trace powered delivery pallet, can improve the overall efficiency of major logistics companies.

“We’re bringing entirely new ways of doing business to the delivery market by providing a holistic, one-stop-shop portfolio of first- to last-mile solutions that allow fleet customers to do their jobs more efficiently while helping alleviate strain on the workforce, and the environment,” Youssef said.

BrightDrop has already received roughly 25,000 pre-order reservations for its Zevo 600 van, which will enter high-volume production at its CAMI plant in Canada later this year. Deliveries of the smaller Zevo 400 will commence in 2023.